Jesse is the CEO of TripLingo, which makes mobile apps to help travelers overcome the language barrier. Jesse is passionate about using technology to solve problems, an admirer of entrepreneurs, and someone who really enjoys finding himself in strange lands (every now and then).

Jesse graduated from Brown University before spending 18 months in Vietnam and 6 months in India working for Caterpillar. Following his time abroad, Jesse returned to found and be the CEO of TripLingo, which makes mobile apps to help travelers in places where they don’t speak the local language. TripLingo was named by Business Insider as one of the “11 Groundbreaking Inventions of 2011” and was awarded the “2012 Business Travel Innovation of the Year” by Fast Company and the Global Business Travel Association. Jesse was also awarded the Global “3 Under 33” Award by the Association of Corporate Travel Executives.

Jesse grew up in Anderson, South Carolina before moving to Dallas, Georgia prior to high school. He received an International Baccalaureate Diploma from Marietta High School in 2004, and later that year began an amazing four years at Brown University.

At Brown Jesse discarded the idea of being a lawyer, and instead discovered a passion for entrepreneurship. While at Brown, Jesse founded The Janus Forum, as well as two startups, both of which “failed” (though not without success along some measures): RattyTableSlips.comand

Jesse has worked at the U.S. Senate, New Sector Alliance and The Boston Consulting Group.

In his personal life, Jesse is passionate about tennis, loves riding motorcycles, and of course enjoys traveling!


Jesse can be reached at:

Email: Jesse@ TripLingo [dot] com