To Do Before I Die

Life is precious and short. And awesome. These ultimate goals are a product of my personal mantra to “Live like your life depends on it.” They reflect different parts of my personality: an unabashed love of life, a desire to create beautiful things,  a taste for adventure, the importance of relationships, and a general curiosity about things..

Some of my goals (in no particular order):

1. Get a license to fly airplanes
2. Get a license to fly helicopters
3. Sail across the Atlantic Ocean
4. Get invited back to Brown to speak
5. Publish a book on startups
6. Become conversational in French
7. Teach college entrepreneurship part-time
8. Sell a company for over $20M
9. Read 1,000 books and document them
10. Dance like a fool at my 80th birthday party
11. Go to the World Series, the Superbowl, the NBA Finals, and NHL finals in the same year
12. Compete in the World Series of Poker
13. Design and build a home from the ground up
14. Pay off my student loans before I’m 30
15. Live in San Francisco
16. Live in New York City
17. Find the love of my life
18. Be an awesome father
19. Get a hang-gliding license
20. Get a paragliding license
21. Start a community center modeled around a church
22. Go cave diving
23. Catch a shark
24. Write and produce an album
25. Write & Direct a zombie movie
26. Shake Barack Obama’s hand
27. Write a monograph on my personal philosophy
28. Speak at a TEDx Conference
29. Sky-dive solo over Mount Everest
30. Perform a stand-up comedy routine at a comedy club
31. Complete a 10-day mediation repeat